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With almost ten years of experience writing, copywriting, and editing, I have contributed to numerous national and international publications. You can relax knowing you’ll receive truly adept content from an expert in the industry with Angela Karl Writing Services.

B2B Technology Writing

To write about technology, you need someone who’s trained. Graduating with honors from New York University after studying computer science and English, you can feel confident knowing that the information in my articles is accurate.

Editing Services

Even if you have great content, it must be presented in a way that makes people want to read it. In addition to writing, I can edit your pre-existing articles and copy for content, grammar, SEO, and overall readability.

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You want quality content delivered on time. Contact me, Angela Karl Writing Services, and we’ll make that happen.

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While most employees don’t think about work past 9-5, Monday through Friday, I can be providing articles, copy, blog posts, and more, on weekends or when you’re resting in bed, so you can get quality content without the stress.


As a small business owner myself, I want to provide you with quality service that is always on schedule. Through this, we can establish a long-term business relationship so I can be available for all of your freelancing needs.


Because I’ve been doing this for almost ten years, I can hit the ground running. This means less training time for you while still receiving high-quality articles, edits, or copy.


As any business owner knows, hiring new employees is time-consuming and inefficient. I, however, am ready to immediately provide you with articles, blog posts, and more.

My Clients

Here are some of the clients I’m currently working with through Angela Karl Writing Services.


I’ve included a wide range of both technical and non-technical writing so you can understand how I cater my writing to fit your particular publication.

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Angela Karl

If you’re looking for someone who has experience with writing and sales and can bring people to your publication through trending terms, interesting content, and professional quality, let’s talk.

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Showcasing my varied interests, I graduated with honors from NYU after studying English and Computer Science. I have almost ten years experience as a full-time writer, copywriter, and editor with Angela Karl Writing Services. Some examples of publications I work with include Huffington Post, a publication popular worldwide with almost eight million likes on their American Facebook page, TechGenix, a site that reaches millions of IT professionals, and GoDaddy, a web hosting company with approximately 17 million customers.

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